The Arts Community is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of artists and teachers of the arts, making arts accessible to children and adults of the Hudson Valley, and sponsoring performances, events, exhibits, and regularly scheduled classes for all ages.  By supporting artists as they work toward realizing their full potential, TAC strives to ensure the Hudson Valley remains a positive place full of creativity, discovery, and interconnectedness.

Why teach under the auspices of the Arts Community?


  • Insurance. The Arts Community provides general liability insurance to cover classes and performances.

  • Location. The Arts Community has access to a database of available spaces in the area that may be suitable for your teaching needs.

  • Promotion. The Arts Community advertises classes and events in flyers and on social media.

  • Sponsors. The Arts Community sponsors groups and projects.


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TAC Teachers




Rachel has been working with clay for 12 years and has been selling her work since 2008. She runs an independent, small production studio in New Paltz and sells her work at 25 different craft shows each year. She also shows her work in several stores and galleries locally and in New England. She has taught private wheel over the years and is now opening her studio for larger classes in wheel and hand building.



Kim is the owner/Director of Bright Beginnings, a New Paltz preschool and licensed childcare center.  She has been President of 90 Miles Off Broadway, a 52 year old community theatre company, for more than 10 years.  Kim is a NYS Certified Teacher with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, with a BA Degree in Theatre.


Kristi Parnell

Kristi is the founder and instructor of Story Studio, a program for children ages 2-14 years that utilizes art and cooking as vehicles through which children can expand upon their reading experiences.  She has worked with young children for over 15 years and is a certified teacher with an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education and a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Early Childhood Education.

Anna Mayta Rhue

Anna Mayta is a dance improviser, choreographer, and instructor. She graduated from Empire State College in June 2001 with a BA in Dance in Education. In November 2008, she received a certificate to teach yoga from Svyasa Swami Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore, India. In 2006, she was awarded a dissemination award from the Dutchess County Arts Council in Poughkeepsie, New York. Anna has been teaching, performing, and choreographing for over 15 years, and has developed two programs throughout this time period. One is teaching the Spanish language through movement; the other is fusion dance, which centers on the incorporation of African, Classical Indian, Flamenco, Modern, and Latin dance styles. Additionally, she has taught for The National Ballet of Zimbabwe in Africa, in England, and in the greater Boston Area, and is currently working in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Karen Capobianco

Karen Capobianco has been professionally making and selling her art and craft work for over 38 years. She is a graduate from Rhode Island school of Design in Metals, and has a both an art education and masters degree from SUNY New Paltz, where she taught in the art department. While living in NYC she mentored inner-city high school students in her jewelry studio, and has more recently taught at the elementary level. Karen has received certification in both art therapy and mindfulness for educators. She has developed a line of fiber tools with a focus on art, therapeutic, and mindful practices and is developing a curriculum to help people use mindfulness for focus, stress, and anxiety.



Olga has been practicing qi gong since 2008 and since she was able to control her arthritis with qi gong, has learned how to heal people through qi gong and now she is teaching people how to heal themselves using energy, mind and intention, as well as how to heal others.